I Am Not My Pain


The Challenge

Medtech business Nevro offers a solution to chronic pain that utilises a technology called spinal cord stimulation. This technology can be life-changing for the over 3 million chronic pain sufferers in Australia – but the majority of them were unaware that it even existed.

We needed to find a way to let chronic pain sufferers know that they could access this revolutionary technology, and get them to ask their doctor about it. 

Patient 2

Unearthing the key


Conversations with chronic pain sufferers told us that years of suffering often led to them feeling defined by their pain - pain had effectively become a core part of their identity.

At the same time, the often invisible nature of chronic pain meant that sufferers sometimes felt judged by others - they felt they appeared lazy or appeared not to contribute.

This led to unwarranted – but intense – feelings of guilt and shame amongst people who were already suffering.


We sought to build relevance with this audience by acknowledging these feelings, but showing sufferers standing up to – and actively defying – the notion that their pain is what defines them as human beings.

Ultimately, we wanted to inspire sufferers to be able to say 'I am not my pain'.



Patient 3

An integrated


Edge was responsible for the  'I am not my pain' campaign from start-to-finish – developing both the creative and communications strategy, as well as looking after media planning and implementation.

Smart use of print, digital display, social, OLV and search meant that we were present at the relevant parts of the patient journey to encourage chronic pain sufferers to educate themselves around Nevro's spinal cord stimulation technology – and arrange to speak to a healthcare professional about it. 


The campaign only needed to convert one patient to SCS to deliver a positive ROI. The campaign has so far delivered over 80 leads. Eligible leads are currently going through a vetting process for suitability