Virgin Money Australia

Social lead-gen


The Campaign

With the government’s Royal Commission scrutinising the Australian financial sector, the 'big four' were in turmoil and consumers were rapidly losing faith in their banks.

Virgin Money Australia (VMA) wanted to leverage the moment by increasing brand awareness and purchase intent using an ongoing content marketing program.

Our goals were threefold:

  • Target audience exposure (reach + frequency)

  • Achievement of new acquisition targets (directly attributable + assisted leads/sales) – both volume and CPAs

  • Size/scale of audience pools (product intenders) built from the campaign activity for future nurturing and retargeting


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VMA identified 3 target audiences—Roy Morgan helix personas Leading Lifestyles, Metrotechs, and Today’s Families. We created proxy audiences for each of these personas in multiple ad platforms using a combination of demographic and interest-based targeting.




We then promoted video content to our audiences, optimising for views to drive awareness. Remarketing pools built from top of funnel video views and website visits were used - alongside interest targeting - to drive paid amplification of both middle-of-funnel content and direct response ad units.


Our campaign met all campaign goals, including reduced cost per acquisition (CPA) across all product sets. Standout results included...


for Credit Cards 4 x lower than industry average


Halved for Income Protection insurance