Brand Identity

United Cellars



United Cellars is a premium wine marketplace that works directly with leading wineries across Australia and overseas to source exclusive wines for its clients.

As a successful, entrepreneur-led business that had grown rapidly but organically, the United Cellars brand DNA was largely a reflection of its founder's values, which meant it was undocumented, and not well served by its visual identity.

We needed to understand what motivated its founder to shape a compelling organising brand narrative that would excite, intrigue and compliment current and future United Cellars customers.


Building our story on

Customer experience

Lots of wine merchants and dealers offer choice, and educate their consumers. But we found that United Cellars take this a step further.

Because they know that taste in wine is an intensely personal thing – something that is as much a reflection of your worldview as it is about the way something tastes and smells – they tailor a wine journey that is specific to you. Introducing you to new, unique experiences that fit with your personality rather than fighting against it. Curation... as an art form.