The Experiment



With the rise of Facebook, Google and YouTube, TV was beginning to lose its dominance. Marketers and Media Planners were increasingly shifting advertising expenditure to ‘new media’. To maintain TV’s share of investment, ThinkTV needed to get marketers to 'Rethink TV' - by proving that TV was effective.

To dramatise the power and effectiveness of TV advertising, we created a live experiment using 2000 audience members at ThinkTV’s ‘RethinkTV’ conference. When the lights went low, 2000 heads turned to the giant screens, and this film literally left an impression in their minds.

A Powerful Demonstration

We used the biological effect of light on optic nerves to turn our audience into a live experiment – making them demonstrate the power of TV to themselves.


Eyes on the screen


Experiencing the impact


Maintaining the narrative

Turning Research into Content

An in-depth independent study was undertaken to compare the efficacy of like-for-like advertising across TV platforms vs Facebook and YouTube. The results of this research formed the basis of a stream of content, tools and events deployed in phases to a well-targeted audience.