Stay Original



Under-35 premium wine buyers now make up the majority of spend in the market. But research showed that they either weren’t familiar with the Taylors brand at best, or, at worst, saw it as ‘old fashioned and stuffy’.

And in a category rapidly fragmenting through an explosion of cool new boutique wine options, we needed to appeal to and recruit this new generation of wine drinkers - and fast.




Our research showed us that these younger audiences see themselves as a set of individuals, seeking to define themselves through trial and discovery, forging their own path and not following the conventions of the category or those set by previous generations.

We knew that if we could connect this target audience mindset with the positive, pioneering aspect of Taylors brand DNA, we could make choosing Taylors a reflection of their own aspirations whilst at the same time communicating key brand and product truths.


We developed 'Stay Original' – a platform designed to encourage people to be themselves – to zig when others zag, live life on their own terms and drink wine their way.

The results

The campaign smashed its brand metrics, delivering real change for Taylors.


Of consumers said the campaign improved their affinity with Taylors


Said they were more likely to buy a bottle of Taylors having seen the campaign