THE Challenge

Sanofi – a multinational, 'big corporate' pharmaceutical organisation – has a thriving supplements business, reaching consumers via traditional retail channel partners such as pharmacy chains and supermarkets.

However, with the rise of direct-to-consumer over recent years, and its accelerated growth through the Covid-19 driven e-commerce boom, Sanofi needed to build a DTC presence. The entry point? Vitamins. But not just any old vitamins. Multi-vitamin tablets, tailored to the customer's personal needs.




If you were to take a quick scroll through Instagram, or flick through a few general interest magazines, you’d be forgiven for thinking that wellness is viewed in one way: chiseled abs, faddy diets and activewear.

But every person is different, every body is different, and every person’s attitudes, needs and goals around wellness are different. There shouldn’t be a standard, one-size-fits-all, formulaic approach to being and feeling well.


We developed the launch platform ‘Wellness Just Got Personal’: a direct call to arms against a broader one-size-fits-all wellness industry.

The platform was bought to life across every consumer touchpoint, from packaging to OLV to social.

Edge was responsible for developing the brand DNA, identity, creative campaign, and go-to-market plan – as well as media planning, buying and implementation and conversion rate optimisation.


Initial pilot results helped us to focus our audience strategy and reduce our addressable audience size for greater ROI and impact; pinpoint a series of conversion rate optimisations for the website; and establish strong performance vs category benchmarks across all media: all driving to
a ROAS that aligned with our unit economic modelling to deliver rapidly scalable growth.