Don't Buy It



Releaseit is a new rental marketplace that connects people and businesses who have stuff with people who want to borrow stuff. Making it possible for people to live the life they want, easily, and with less waste.

Our challenge was to develop a creative platform that would be flexible enough to talk to all three sides of the marketplace – renters, owners and businesses – in a way that stayed true to the brand's challenger ethos.




Delving into the product, we realised that Releaseit both challenges and solves for a number of preconceptions:

It challenges the idea that your attic or garage full of old stuff isn't worth anything.

It challenges the idea that you can't do something (a task, an activity, an experience) because you can't afford the gear needed to do it.

And it challenges the idea that reducing household consumption is a worthwhile pursuit, but 'just too hard'.

All we needed to do was couple this thinking with the swagger of our outlaw DNA.


We developed 'don't buy it' – an idea that provides a repost to the preconceptions listed above, as well as succinctly explaining the essence of renting stuff - if you're renting something, you don't buy it.