Brand Identity

Pineapple Net



Pineapple Net is the retail brand of privately-owned fibre operator DGtek.
DGtek initially launched Pineapple Net as a way to sell broadband directly to consumers while it scaled up operations to bring a wholesale offer to market. 

However, a change in strategy put more onus on the brand – which needed a much clearer position in market, and much a more appealing visual identity, to become relevant.


Building a story around

Superior product

Pineapple Net is underpinned by DGTek's exceptional broadband offering, which offers full-fibre broadband to the premise for every customer – resulting unrivalled service. 

But what does unrivalled service actually mean for the customer? It means that the climactic scene of a movie on date-night doesn't lag and start buffering. It means Teams meetings that don't freeze just as you're making your big pitch to a key customer. It means being confident that you'll be able to complete fight with the end of level boss on Resident Evil to the end, without re-starts.

How refreshing!