Moccona asked us to use its bi-annual collectable jar campaign to drive sales whilst driving awareness of its commitment to sustainability.

But according to Amplify’s 2023 Trend Report, consumers are increasingly sceptical of big sustainability claims, and equally tired of being asked to sacrifice time and effort to act sustainably. This is leading them to prioritise sustainability initiatives that are easy to grasp and have a clear impact. 



THE Insight

When it comes to helping make a more sustainable world, every little action can make a difference. Upcycling is a classic example. It’s a small but very tangible step that people can take towards living more sustainably. Not only that, but it is a growing trend, and something that Moccona – with its iconic, 100% recyclable glass jars – can authentically tap into. So, simply buying – and re-using – a Moccona jar is a sustainable act in and of itself. But we knew we could push this further. 


For Moccona’s 2022 limited-edition jar collection, we invited the next generation of young, socially-conscious designers from leading design schools across Australia and New Zealand to create a jar design featuring a sustainability issue they were passionate about. 

The six winning ideas – Pedalling Forwards, Protecting Friends, Our Whales Below, Bee The Change, Small Actions, and Renew – were each aligned with a specific not-for-profit cause, then put into production and hit the supermarket shelves. There we asked consumers to vote for their favourite cause to receive a share of a $100,000 sustainability fund.

Each of the winning designers was paired with a sustainability influencer well known for supporting their cause, to create social content that promoted the campaign and drove consumers to vote.

The campaign was also supported by an extensive TV, online video, out of home, shopper, and digital campaign to garner further support, as well as upcycling tutorials and ideas designed to inspire others to upcycle their Moccona coffee jars.

Driving sales growth

The campaign introduced a large number of new customers to the brand, increasing customer penetration and units per visit.


increase in customers


increase in units purchased per visit