Hearing Australia

Brand and LAM


The Challenge

The Hearing category is becoming increasingly more competitive and on the occasion of Hearing Australia’s 75th birthday, achieving cut through was paramount.

With over 170 hearing centres nationally, Edge was tasked with developing both an overarching national campaign plan, as well as a localised performance campaign tailored to five distinct centre catchment profiles.





Our first step was understanding the consumer journey . Mapping out the path to purchase helped to identify barriers and opportunities that could be applied to media.

We also needed to develop a deep understanding of the consumer demographics that made up each hearing centre catchment segment, and where our target P55+ audience engages with media.

Using the defined centre segments we were able to marry up post codes with Helix Personas to look at H/M/L consumption triples and online behaviour. Historical competitor spend was then analysed to identify uncluttered space in the media landscape to allow Hearing Australia’s dollars to go as far as possible. 


Activating at every stage in the


Having taken time to understand the landscape, we were able to map our comms tasks, jobs to be done, targeting and high-level channel thinking to the funnel to ensure we were present at every stage in the acquisition journey. 


Driving performance

through LAM

We then built our full-funnel channel recommendation and media plan, launching with both ATL and BTL campaign activity and a highly targeted local area marketing performance phase.


Our mixture of national-level brand building and targeted LAM helped to drive both visitation and appointments for the hearing loss brand.


pts in share of visitation against competitors


increase in appointments scheduled