Café Recovery Project



Leveraging Harris’ heritage as one of Australia’s original coffee roasters – and the brand's focus on crafting its product to a uniquely Aussie palate – we created Harris's new brand platform 'Made For Australia’.

The platform launched midway through 2020, just as Australians were battling the initial impact of COVID-19. With 70% worried about the impact on cafes and over 80% of small businesses believing they would not recover from recent hardships without third party support, Harris set out to make a real difference to Australian communities.

The Harris Café Recovery Project offered up to a million dollars worth of support up to cafés that were doing it tough due to Covid-19 and the bushfires earlier in the year. The multi-channel campaign invited cafes to apply for a slice of the fund as well as asking people to get out there and support their local café.

Using storytelling to

Demonstrate Impact

We knew that telling the world about the Harris Café recovery project was only the beginning. To truly land our purpose and make a meaningful connection with consumers, we would need to share the stories of the cafés and café owners who received support.

We created a series of powerful films and articles to tell the stories of the people and café communities that had been impacted by COVID-19 – and how the support from Harris had made a real difference.

Building a meaningful brand

The campaign helped Harris significantly improve meaningful brand metrics, whilst simultaneously delivering massive reach on a limited budget.


Increase in consideration

Over 500

Pieces of earned media