Brand Identity

Give It A Swirl



Rubay Wines worked with Edge’s Accelerate division to develop its DTC brand. 

The product - a sample pack of four wines with video tasting notes - was provisionally named ‘Four Somme’. Edge’s task was to develop a positioning, name and brand ID that would make the product feel relevant to its target audience of curious millennial wine-dabblers.


Inviting people to

Give it a swirl

There's nothing quote like discovering your new favourite wine. But there are lots of things that stop us from trying. The time and effort involved in seeking out new varietals and makers. The risk that you won't like it once you've invested in it and opened it. The difficulty of knowing where to start in a category defined by snobbery.

We wanted to change all of that - to inject the joy back into discovering whine. So, we encouraged consumers to 'give it a swirl'.