Matt Batten
This is a post by Matt Batten

Every day we step into the Edge office is another day we strive to challenge the ways brands engage, fight mediocrity and push our clients to be relentlessly relevant. Unbeknown to many however, our jobs begin far before we join the 8:53am elevator queue. From the moment we wake up, we crave disruptive ideas, striking design, gripping narratives, impeccable technical execution, or simply, simple greatness. Don't you?

In order to quench the incessant thirst and keep our minds abuzz, our discerning ECD Matt Batten begins every Monday morning with a piece of creative inspiration for the entire agency – the most eye-catching, thumb-stopping, or just plain genius example of creativity in the industry. And now we bring this beyond our four walls, to you, with a monthly curation of the most inspiring work circulating across the planet, rated by Matt based on his secret "Relentless Relevance" formula. We look forward to sharing Matt's top 10 as the year closes.

1. VW: Unfail

Finally, a brand that actually understands how a social media retargeting funnel works! Go broad and virtually unbranded at the top of the funnel with a channel-relevant execution your online audience will love to watch (all the way through!) – while still delivering a cleverly unobtrusive product demonstration – and then use the database of digital viewers to follow up with the more overt branded messaging. Genius. Effective. Perfect


2. Canny AI: Imagine

As Deep Fake becomes the latest digital guerilla weapon, this tech-fuelled production company from Tel Aviv shows their mettle with a hyper-relevant statement about the ridiculous state of global politics despite our era of woke-ness. This one film brings them awareness, interest and desire. Now we just need a client who’s open to an idea that uses this.


3. Vegemite v Marmite: Ashes Stoush

Each brand has always embraced their own love/hate consumer positioning as well as the battle between each other for who’s salty, tar-like paste is the best. So there’s hardly a more relevant time to enter into a battle of the brands than when the AU v UK cricket season brings out patriotic pride. Friendly shots fired from one country to another and back again keep us hanging on to what’s next from Vegemite.

4. Channel 4 (UK): Complaints Welcome

Established to provide diversity to the BBC’s pre-80s stable, Channel 4 has become renowned for its edgy programming. And with anti-discrimination having finally hit mainstream zeitgeist, Ch4 relishes in its relevance by challenging stalwart bigots by actually inviting their draconian complaints.