To The Point September
Matt Batten
This is a post by Matt Batten

From the moment we wake up, we crave disruptive ideas, striking design, gripping narratives, impeccable technical execution, or simply, simple greatness.

In order to quench this incessant thirst and keep our minds abuzz, our ECD Matt Batten begins every Monday morning with a piece of creative inspiration for the entire agency – the most eye-catching, thumb-stopping, or just plain genius examples of “Relentlessly Relevant” creativity. Here’s this month’s inspiration.

1. BCF: BCFing fun

I’ve been a fan of the Boating-Camping-Fishing store’s cheeky campaign promoting ‘BCFing fun’ since it first started – who doesn’t love a faux swear word? Here’s an early iteration for those who missed it.) While they’ve cemented themselves as a go-to retailer for outdoor gear, the strategy on the latest campaign is transparently focused on acquisition of newbie outdoorsy-wannabes and positioning BCF as an authority for advice. And it delivers the comedy in spades while still showcasing a wide range of product verticals, all in time for the Aussie summer season.


2. Jif: Bunker

Without giving this one away, it’s one of those ads that has you clueless on what it’s for until the very end… and you don’t care because you’re happily along for the ride. Cinematic storytelling of a blockbuster nature makes you lean in. It’s a risky creative strategy because the pay-off can often leave viewers groaning in product-reveal disappointment, but it works so well here by juxtaposing the ridiculousness of an alien invasion with the ridiculousness of the product. Which simply elevates the desire factor.


3. NZ Lotto Powerball: Imagine

At it’s simplistic best, this is a beautiful telling of a great story. Charming, dramatic, heart-warming. But it’s much more than that. It’s a game you didn’t even know you were playing. It connects the brand TVC with an engaging digital experience that draws its target audience in again and again, delivering the message and brand proposition over and over until the memory structures are hard-wired in.



4. Facebook post

There are big ideas and there are small ideas. And this isn’t even really an idea. It’s a technique. But it’s so thumb-stopping, eye-catchingly brilliant, it makes you wonder why more brands aren’t being clever with their increasingly intrusive sponsored posts on social media. If you want your audience’s attention, you better damn well try harder than bombarding with sales messages (the new-age spam). Clearly, I’ve been targeted with this one, but it got me. I could watch it all day.

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