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To the Point: October 2019

In a regular series, Edge ECD Matt Batten gives us his round-up of the most inspiring work from around the world this month.

Fergus Stoddart
This is a post by Fergus Stoddart


March 20, 2020

From the moment we wake up, we crave disruptive ideas, striking design, gripping narratives, impeccable technical execution, or simply, simple greatness. In order to quench this incessant thirst and keep our minds abuzz, our ECD Matt Batten begins every Monday morning with a piece of creative inspiration for the entire agency – the most eye-catching, thumb-stopping, or just plain genius examples of “Relentlessly Relevant” creativity. Here’s this month’s inspiration.

1. Sandy Hook Promise: Back to School

It’s a frightening world in which we live when advertising like this has a place. But it does have a place. Sandy Hook Promise started as a NFP organisation after 26 people were killed in a US school shooting in 2012, including 20 kids between six and seven years old. In 2016, their online film Evan was disturbing enough. And now their latest film ups the ante by strategically leveraging the ubiquitous ‘back to school’ messages about pencil cases, school shoes and lunchboxes that bombard parents every year to cut through the clutter with an impactful message for change. Frighteningly relevant. And frighteningly necessary.


2. Dove: Shattering Beauty Project

When there are stats like “63 per cent of consumers prefer to buy from purpose-driven brands” and “88 per cent of consumers want brands to help them change the world”, it makes sense for brands to act. We’ve seen heartfelt work from Dove before, so it’s no surprise to see the brand continuing to effect change with their Shattering Beauty Project – an idea we pitched to a client over a year ago and have seen them recently roll out on their own. Sure, it’s easy to feel like Dove is just another corporation currying favour to sell product, but at least they’re doing something relevant and tangible. Hopefully in a few years, this will just be the way of the world.


3. Skittles: Annoy the Rainbow

It wouldn’t be October without some Halloween advertising. Not many brands are intrinsically relevant to Halloween, but considering the spooky season now sells as much confectionery as Easter (in the US), this is the ultimate time for a brand like Skittles. This year they brought their usual kookiness to life with a twisted take on the classic Hansel and Gretel fairytale, minus Gretel. The spot is funny, but the real genius lies in the ‘ad within the ad’ – a higher-production value, darker, straighter version of what we’re watching – that made fans wonder, “Where is this original ad?” and go looking for it on Google. Search ranking up. Sales up.


4. Burger King: The Spirit Taste Test

The taste test has long been an effective tool for food and beverage brands, but no one has done it like this before. NO ONE. In a truly bonkers but critically brilliant moment, a couple of creatives asked, “What if we did a taste test with the dead?” and they got one of America’s most famous spiritual mediums (a dude who channels the ghosts of the departed) to conduct seances in which he allows the unliving to get a bellyful of BK. Then they just had to sit back and roll the cameras. And yes, this guy is for real. Prediction: we’ll see this at Cannes 2020.


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