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Platform Updates

Who’s ready for Christmas?! No one, its September. Nevertheless, it’s apparently time to start your Christmas planning because Facebook is keen as a bean and leading the charge into the holiday season. 

Check out their interactive insights tool, highlighting key trends in how Aussies are shopping, and super importantly – when they are shopping. Did you know almost 20 per cent of Australians start their Christmas shopping in October, compared to 11 per cent of people worldwide? Forty per cent of us still leave it until December though, which might be why delivery and/or pick up times were crucial for 67 per cent of shoppers when deciding where to shop.

In other news, Instagram is rumoured to be super keen to kill off Snapchat! After introducing Stories and Close Friends, the social media giant appears to be gunning hard for Snapchat’s user base, with the development of a new app – Threads. The app will share your location, battery life, and speed with your close friends list, along with all the standard Messenger features. It’s intended to be used as a companion app to Instagram. While Instagram has declined to comment, it will be interesting to see what comes of this rumour.

Regulatory Joy

The ACCC have released their report into digital platforms and data usage, and have outlined a series of recommendations that will bring in consumer safeguards, as well as increase transparency for agencies and advertisers. Rights, fines, and trying times – it looks like the golden era of collecting, using, and sharing data carelessly is over, and we’re quite happy to see the back of it. Let transparency reign!

Data Download 

Come September 30, Google will remove the average position metrics in Search, so it’s best to switch to top impression rate and absolute impression rate soon! The good news is, these new metrics show the actual placement of your ads, whereas the old metric showed your position compared to others.