Mitre 10 retools with drive-thru fix

Adelaide Day-Collett
Adelaide Day-Collett
May 11, 2020 . 1min read

When the COVID-19 restrictions first kicked in we knew we needed to help our clients respond quickly to changing circumstances. In the case of Mitre 10 we figured customers – confined to their own homes – would want to get those little DIY jobs done, but that concerns about social distancing might prevent them from visiting stores.

So we had a think and realised that Mitre 10’s trade pick up area could be repurposed into a contactless, drive-thru collection point.

We brought the idea to life by creating a local area marketing kit for Mitre 10 stores. The kit included a logo lock-up, social tiles, store signage and key frames for local TVCs.

Image 1-1

We considered how the contactless initiative could be amplified on social channels, such as Facebook. 

Image 2-1

We also had a look at how the Drive Thru Pick-Up integrated with existing click ‘n’ collect graphics and the local delivery initiative across Mitre 10’s monthly product and price TVCs.

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Mitre 10 stores in North West Tasmania were especially quick to jump on the opportunity, following high-level restrictions whereby customers weren’t allowed to step foot in-store. It allowed the stores to keep trading during the heightened restrictions on the state. 

Mitre 10’s Drive Thru initiative is an example of how retailers can repurpose their existing services with minimum spend to support their customers. 

Adelaide Day-Collett

Adelaide Day-Collett

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