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Humble Opinion

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Media Moments You Might’ve Missed – October 2019

The low-down on what’s happening in the ever-changing media landscape, brought to you by Edge’s own Media Director, Inez Zimakowski.

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March 20, 2020

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Fresh Formats

TikTok, TikTok, TikTok…

Ahhh TikTok, the favourite social platform for tweens and teens… now with a growing user base in the 18+ age range thanks to its viral popularity and newfound celeb appeal! It’s also proven to be a great place for advertisers, with the latest campaign from Kind Snacks racking up 18 million views in just 24 hours. How? A ‘crunch contest’ hashtag challenge that was boosted by TikTok’s advertising solution, which bumps branded content up in the trending videos feed. Check out the campaign here!


Platform Updates

Facebook took away our reaction count, but is it a good or a bad thing?

Likes and reactions are now gone from both Instagram and Facebook in Australia, removing some of the ‘social comparison’ we’ve come to accept over the last 15 years. The goal was allegedly to make users more comfortable with the platform and shift the focus from engagement quantity to engagement quality. Is it going to work? A comparative study, known as the MusicLab experiments, suggests so.


Snapchat wins big in Q3 while Twitter stumbles

As Twitter takes another tumble in revenue, blaming seasonality and ad product issues, Snapchat hits 210 million daily users and $446 million in earnings. How’d they do it? By increasing their marketing budgets, which in turn boosted user numbers. Too easy.


Google steps up search results, again

Already the king of organic and paid search, Google is improving its natural language search capabilities once again, moving from a results page based on keywords to one based on long, complex sentences. Though the system is currently applied only to web and mobile search, we suspect it will soon be applied to voice search, where it will truly flourish.


9Voyager brings TV buying to small businesses

In a move that’s sure to diversify on-demand and broadcast ads content, Channel 9 has launched its latest media offering, with some businesses like Bonnie Doon Golf Club already seeing success with the self-serve platform. The best thing about it? Spend just $15,000 and its production partner, 90 Seconds, will look after the creative and CAD. While the platform is unlikely to have an impact on big agencies and their clients alike, it’s a huge win for small businesses that traditionally haven’t been able to get into the TV space.