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Bolognese sauce and a flame thrower, 'Wattyl Test Lab' proves the paint is tested under extreme conditions

Fergus Stoddart
This is a post by Fergus Stoddart


March 20, 2020

In Edge's first campaign for Wattyl, a new brand platform – ‘Don’t worry, it’s Wattyl’ – has gone live, shining a spotlight on the brand’s heritage of producing paint that survives the most extreme conditions.

The campaign takes the viewer into the ‘Wattyl Test Lab’ where the paint is comically tested by scientists with bolognese sauce, extreme heat, condensation and even a flame thrower.

We wanted to build on Wattyl’s heritage of protection and present it in a highly memorable and relevant way – presenting Wattyl as the brand that people can absolutely trust and have confidence in. And what better way to present confidence, than to simply say, "Don’t Worry, it’s Wattyl".

Wattyl head of marketing, Lee McClymont, looked to us to help lay down a new brand platform across the entire business that stretches from brand to product communications, and deliver it with a campaign that fuses advertising and content.

To draw in the viewer and really break away from the same old boring paint ads of Wattyl’s competitors, we worked with directors Michael Mier and Lav Bodnaruk to capture almost the entire scene in a single shot – a painstaking process of take after take with choreographed timing for actor queues and in-camera effects.

A competition will also be running alongside the campaign, calling for people to spot ‘Easter eggs’ hidden in the launch TVC.

The campaign will include 45, 30 and three 15-second TVCs which will break down the specific features and benefits of the paint. The campaign will also be executed across OOH, points of sale and social media.

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