Claire Rorke

Junior Editor

Interning here at Edge while finishing her journalism major, Claire’s gained a range of experience as a journalist, writer, and more recently, editor at Edge. She’s worked in editorial at magazines like OK, Women’s Day and NW, while writing the hard-hitting stuff for online news forum, Central News. She now belongs on our Editorial Team where she works on everything from credit related listicles to stomach related magazine shoots.

1.    Who would play you in a film and why? 

Truth be told, I've never resonated with someone as much as Kristen Wiig circa 2013. The bubbly, strangely charming awkwardness she emanates is far too relatable. Of course, I'm specifying 2013 because she had the red hair so it just makes more sense. 

2.    If you were planning a music festival, who – dead or alive – would be your headliner?

Amy Winehouse, Whitney, Elton John with special guest George Michael, Billy Joel (thanks Dad), and of course throw in some newer artists like Maggie Rogers and Broods - if you don't know, I seriously recommend Googling! 

3.    You're given an airplane ticket to anywhere in the world – where do you choose to go (and why)?

This is extremely hard to narrow down, but right now, I'd love to go dogsledding in Canada like all the cool kids on Instagram. 

4.    What's your favourite memory?

Too many to choose! There's the fancy ones like sailing the Turkish coast or staying overnight in the Sahara Desert (amazing!) and then there's the simpler ones like chats on the phone to my grandpa or getting a little too burnt on the beach with my family.

5.    Who is your inspiration?

I find inspiration in the smallest things, whether it be my best friends being accepted into the uni degree they've been working for or my mum's buoyant demeanour after she's gone to the see the art exhibition she's been looking forward to. 

6.    You're on a desert island – what album have you brought with you?

Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life - her voice is heavenly.

7.    What would be your death-row dinner?

Anything involving mash potato - I have an unhealthy obsession. 

8.    Why Edge?

The people, the vibe, the experience!

5 good reasons
to join the crew.

\ Think different
We're out to shake up the media and marketing world.
\ Opportunity
We get to do some crazy awesome stuff for some of Australia’s biggest brands.
\ Youth
We're committed to giving young people great opportunities in advertising.
\ Size matters
We're not too big, so everyone’s voice is heard.
\ Cool kids
We're one of the top 100 cool companies to work for in Australia. Boom.

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