Senior Planner - Sydney

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Senior Planner - Sydney

Edge Sydney is looking for a Senior Planner.

We’re looking for someone who is restless and curious. Someone who is obsessed with detail but can think big picture. Someone who has no trouble seeing the wood, despite the trees.

We’re looking for someone who is excited about discovering consumer and market insights that can shape award winning work. Who can use all the tools of the trade - from social listening to quant and qual research - to drive those insights. Who can craft a brand strategy as easily as a comms channel plan, and is channel agnostic whilst being a digital native. Someone who believes in the power of great stories, great advertising and great content to change behaviour.

We’re looking for someone who can present complex concepts in a compelling way, with infectious enthusiasm. Someone who can keep senior clients in line in a workshop with diplomacy and good grace. And someone who can provide rationale for their recommendations, and defend them with clarity.

We’re looking for someone who can inspire clients and colleagues alike. Someone who is aware of the next big thing (and how it could help our clients) before everyone else. Someone bubbling with enthusiasm and fervour for changing the way people behave.

If this is you, and you have at least 5 years agency experience, please forward your CV and covering letter to [email protected]