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Relentlessly Relevant


We create relentlessly
relevant experiences to unleash

Extraordinary growth

We live in a world where change is the only constant. And the pace of change seems to be accelerating every day. New technology. New platforms. Cultural upheaval. Shifts in attitudes. Against this backdrop it can be hard to know how to really connect with consumers. That’s where Edge comes in. We know that connecting with consumers is all about being relevant to them. And we know that when we unlock relevance, businesses grow.

In fact, studies show that the most relevant brands enjoy growth rates of up to twice the average*. But how is relevance achieved? Well, it’s easier said than done – but it involves anchoring our creative in timeless human behaviour, whilst simultaneously tapping into real-time cultural insights. Then leveraging appropriate technology – new and old – to get it in front of people in the right channels. Matching comms and context. And doing it relentlessly.

*Brand Relevance Index, Prophet, 2020


How we do it

Connecting with relevance

Interdisciplinary teams work in close collaboration with our clients, coming together to develop creative solutions across three areas that allow us to combine the timeless and timely to drive relevance, relentlessly.


We help make our clients’ brands famous - fusing advertising, content and media to deliver big, sharable ideas that resonate emotionally, and build salience.


We take advantage of the latest tech and data-driven innovation to provide consumer experiences that understand the customer journey, balance the hyper-personal with the shared, and remove bad friction whilst adding good friction.


We help anchor brands in a higher order reason to exist (other than making profit) that their customers care about.

What we do
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  • Advertising
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  • Content Strategy
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  • Brand Development
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  • Customer Segmentation